Spring Sale 2024! - Save up to $30

Spring Sale 2024!
Save up to $30

Christmas Cigar Gift Ideas

For most people, the holidays mean many things – family, friends, great food and cherished memories. But, for some, the holidays are a time to unwind, relax, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. What could be better for your favorite cigar lover than sitting by the fire, enjoying a great drink, and topping it all off with a quality cigar? How about monthly selections of exceptional, hand-rolled cigars delivered directly to their door?

The Premium Cigar of the Month Club™ has spent 30 years helping to ensure moments like these by providing the highest quality international cigars from the world’s top cigar makers. This Christmas, make sure the cigar aficionado in your life receives a gift that keeps on giving – a membership to The Premium Cigar of the Month Club.

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Cigar Gift Ideas

Choose from 2 unique cigar club membership types


Send anywhere from 2 to 12 shipments every month, every other month, quarterly or on specific months you choose.


Design Your Own Club and combine our two cigar clubs or any of our other five monthly clubs in one membership.

Supermarket Gift

Make your gift more valuable with a personalized announcement.


Rest easy - we’re going to make you stand out by shipping a portfolio of expertly selected, premium, hand-rolled cigars.

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Cigar smokers can be a tough lot to shop for when you’re looking for a truly great Christmas gift. When it comes to high-quality cigars at outstanding values, nothing can beat a membership to our Original Premium Cigar Club. Each month, your gift recipient will receive five hand-rolled cigars in the mail, which means that Christmas cheer doesn’t come just once a year.


5 (based on 3 reviews)

Choosing a properly constructed, high-quality Christmas cigar for the cigar smoker in your life can be intimidating. When only the best will do this holiday season, let us remove the guesswork by sending your gift recipient four high-quality, limited-production, small-batch cigars from the world’s top producers. Rest assured, your generosity will be appreciated long after Christmas Day.

If you’re looking for a great monthly club Christmas gift this year, don’t limit yourself to just one club! With our Design Your Own Club program, members can pair high-quality premium and rare cigars with our other great clubs, like beer, wine, chocolate, cheese, and even flowers.

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A Cigar Club Membership is Memorable, Affordable and Easy

  • Skip the Stores – Order a cigar club membership online or over the phone. Use our promo codes and save up to $30 on your order.
  • Customize Your Club – Use our Design Your Own Club™ program to pair cigars with cheese, wine, beer, chocolates and flowers.
  • Personalized Gift Announcement – Email or print your own gift note for the recipient.
  • Create Your Own Schedule – Decide when you want to receive shipments and how often.
  • Stay Memorable All Year – The recipient will remember you throughout the year with each new cigar shipment.

Customer Testimonials

"I have enjoyed each and every shipment. Your choices have been exceptional."

Richard Carver

Richard Carver, WY

"In all the time I have been with them, they've sent me excellent cigars from all over the globe."

Bob Turnbull

Bob Turnbull, SK Canada

"Thanks so much for consistently providing extremely high quality cigars every month."

Caleb Shoenhard

Caleb Shoenhard, DC

" It's the perfect program for a novice cigar smoker, or a veteran."

David Fuchs

David Fuchs, MO

"To celebrate, I decided to share some of my monthly selections with the boys..."

Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson, IN

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Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that every item you purchase at The Premium Cigar of the Month Club meets your high standards or we will replace it or refund your purchase.