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Spring Sale 2024!
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Viejo '99 Presidente

Viejo '99 Presidente

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The Puros Indios Cigar Factory, run by Rolando Reyes, Sr., is located in Danli, Honduras. With over 60 years of cigar making experience, we could very easily refer to him as a "Viejo Pro" (Viejo is Spanish for old if you didn't know). A few years back we featured the Viejo '98 (Toro). The Viejo '99 stands apart from the '98 in that it uses no Jamaican fillers; the principal tobacco of the '99 blend is rich, full-flavored Honduran tobacco. And with the Presidente Churchill we've sent you, you'll have plenty of that Honduran tobacco, along with Brazilian, Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. Take a moment to admire the rustic, deep brown Ecuadorian wrapper, lightly oily and just begging to be lit. So, what's so "Viejo" about it? Well, the '99 refers to the year in which the tobacco was harvested. For four full years after that, these tobaccos were carefully and expertly aged to create a mellow, highly matured flavor that is matched in age by complexity. And one of our particularly keen cigar distributors has been sitting on a small stockpile of these gems, letting them age even further in the box. Production of each vintage is limited to 50,000 cigars per year, making this a rare, highly sought after stick-not to mention the last Viejo of the 20th century. Expect this medium-bodied cigar to present nutty tones to the palate, enriched by a floral aroma and traces of a lingering woodiness in the finish. Consider pairing with a dry Chardonnay.
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