Victor Sinclair Churchill

Victor Sinclair Churchill

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In the 1850’s, Admiral Victor Sinclair, after finding what he thought to be the perfect cigar, was sailing home aboard the frigate Oglethorpe just off the coast of the Dominican Republic when the ship was met by a vicious storm. The Admiral perished in the storm and some 140 years later, his great-great nephew, Victor Long, resumed his ancestor’s quest for the perfect cigar. As the story goes, Victor was able to locate a defunct warehouse on the island of Dominicana and there he found varied remains of the Oglethorpe including several boxes of perfectly preserved cigars that had been stored in glass vials. These original cigars were then used as the foundation for developing the 4 Dominican cigar lines produced by the company today. That being said, and hopefully taken with a grain of sea salt, we’ve brought you what we believe to be the best of Victor Sinclair’s three premium lines. The name brand line, simply the Victor Sinclair line, is comprised of cigars rolled with a blend of 80 % Dominican and 20 % Cuban Seed Dominican tobacco and is offered in both a Connecticut Shade claro and Indonesian maduro wrapper. Available only in maduro wrappers, the Grand Reserve line is slightly more fuller-bodied and blended with 30 % Dominican and 70 % Cuban Seed Dominican tobacco. Lastly, the Vintage Select line, the most full-bodied and complex of the three, is blended from all Cuban Seed Domincan tobacco and considered to be the signature line of the collection. We know you will enjoy this rich, flavorful collection of premium Dominican cigars. For more information about the Victor Sinclair cigars, call 888-860-2440.
Look for an excellent draw in this well-constructed, quality-rolled cigar. We found it to offer a rich, smooth, creamy, and nutty flavor which evolved into a more robust smoke with a very pleasant aftertaste. It will burn even and cool and provide you with a fun and flavorful, medium-bodied smoke. Sit down with your favorite hearty red ale with this one. You might need more than one.
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