Trology Tri-Press Maduro

Trology Tri-Press Maduro

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The first thing you'll notice about this cigar is the unusual triangular shape; one part slick marketing campaign (ties in with the Trilogy theme: 3 blends, each in 3 sizes), with an equal measure of ergonomics (fits perfectly between the fingers, especially for those who use the "pencil hold" grip on their cigars). Next thing you can't miss is the sheer beauty of this cigar. The Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro comes from the Northwest corner of the Amazon Rainforest. Exotic indeed, this unusual wrapper possesses a naturally sweet aroma. The triangular shape, while not rolled that way, presents a unique challenge to the cigar maker. The box-pressing of this cigar in to a triangular shape requires that it be rolled with careful attention to the wrapper tension, with enough give to tolerate the triangular shape it will ultimately assume (too tight, and the whole thing will split). The blend consists of Columbian and Honduran long-fillers surrounded by an Indonesian (Sumatran) binder. Look for a medium-to-full bodied smoke with full-flavored tobacco notes and a spicy start. Expect the complexity of flavors to continue in a masterful performance of finesse as they come on strong, but remain forever smooth, culminating in a wonderfully full cedary finish. Overall, a fantastic cigar-tremendously rich, bold, and packed with flavor. Pair with a Reposado Tequila, on ice.
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