Tornano Silver

Tornano Silver

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6 x 46


Dominican Republic


Corona Gorda

This premium 100% long-filler, handmade cigar honors the Cuban cigar families who escaped Castro's takeover of their lands and factories in 1959. Rounding out Carlos Torano's extremely successful Exodus 1959 series is the Silver Edition. Its well-aged filler combination of Costa Rican, Honduran and Mexican tobaccos is encased in a handsome Criollo '98 wrapper. Look for a moderately oily sheen encasing a firm and substantial cigar. It burned evenly to the very end and never needed relighting. The draw was definitely even, but you'll have to work at it a bit more than the Fidelgo Negro featured above as this cigar is quite dense. We found this medium-to-full-bodied smoke notably smooth. So did Cigar Aficionado, rating it an impressive 89. Look for substantial spice in the flavor, with notes of black pepper, leather, cedar and undertones of nut in this complex smoke. We found the finish spicy and the tobacco flavor prominent. Try it with a full-bodied India Pale Ale. Don't have any you say? You must not be a member of our Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club shame, shame. We offer selections of all beer styles from Pilsners to Porters, Pale Ales to Double Bocks. As a member of our second most popular club, you're certain to receive fine brews perfect for enjoying with your premium cigars, or, by themselves. Visit now to get your subscription– or one for a friend– started today!
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