Toraño Exodus Gold

Toraño Exodus Gold

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Carlos Toraño cigars have been around for 90 years! Their four generations of family cigar-making tradition began back in 1916 when Don Santiago Toraño emigrated from Spain to Cuba. After the Cuban revolution of 1959, his son Carlos would forever change the tobacco industry by introducing the concept of growing Cuban seed tobacco plants in the Dominican Republic. The seeds he brought from Cuba to the Dominican Republic yield tobacco that is today known as 'Piloto Cubano'—a term you may be familiar with—which we can all enjoy these days due to the instincts of this cigar maestro. Since Carlos' untimely death, his son, Carlos A. Toraño has continued the family business, expanding tobacco-growing to Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador, while also bringing Carlos Sr.'s grandson in to the trade. Today, the company is the only family cigar business to own and operate three cigar factories in each of the leading cigar producing countries (Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic). The Exodus Gold 1959 commemorates the mass departure of Cuban cigar families and their impact on the cigar industry after the nationalization of all tobacco farms and cigar factories by the Cuban government in 1959. The Toraños were one of those very important families. The Toraño Exodus Gold is filled with creamy and herbal tones. After lighting, you'll immediately notice creamy, slightly spicy, nutty notes, with hints of chocolate. The taste is medium-to-full-bodied, powered mainly by the Habano 'H-2000' wrapper, accompanied by a complex, five-country blend of Dominican, Honduran, Mexican, Nicaraguan, and Costa Rican tobaccos. It is excellently constructed with a perfectly saturated draw. Its robust character and cocoa & coffee notes make it great with a double espresso.
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