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Tierra Del Sol Maduro

Tierra Del Sol Maduro

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6.1 x 54





Nick Perdomo produces a variety of blends in his Esteli, Nicaragua-based factory. One of the latest to come out is Tierra Del Sol, just released in December 2004. The entire line is quite attractive, but the maduros, in our humble opinion, are stunning. We just had to try them out, and upon pleasing our panel, they earned the right to be featured in our club. The torpedo maduros were especially well-received; the heads are perfectly formed, tightly wound and shaped like a bullet, as torpedos ought to be. It may not fit in the “classically beautiful” category, but no matter, we dig its rustic look. Note the dark, thick and somewhat bumpy wrapper which ensconces a well-packed blend of flavorsome tobacco. These cigars start off with a very toasty opening, with notes of chocolate that falls somewhere between bitter dark cocoa and sweeter milk chocolate. You’ll notice that the tobacco blend has a natural subtle sweetness, something we found very appealing. The finish is nothing but gentle, with absolutely no bite to speak of. What makes this cigar great is the superbly smooth, pleasant flavor that is as consistent as can be—between panel members, we’ve smoked over two dozen of these over the past couple of weeks, and they’re all solid. Extremely mild in body, it might not be what you expect upon visual inspection, but rest assured, this stogie is nothing but pleasant. The draw is great, the billows rotund, the aroma delightful and the balance wonderful. As an added bonus, this cigar feels great in the hand and is easy to handle while doing other things, so if you’re one to light up a smoke while paying bills or doing your taxes (it’s getting to be about that time). Try it out with a dark Munich lager. Enjoy!
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