The Villar y Vllar Laguitos Toro

The Villar y Vllar Laguitos Toro

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6 3/4 x 52



A useful guide to judging the strength and flavor of a cigar is by knowing the county of origin. Nicaraguan brands tend to be more on the full-bodied side while those produced in the Dominican Republic are generally mild to medium-bodied. You should be able to note the difference when comparing the two Domincan Don Alberto cigars to their Nicaraguan counterparts featured this month. In addition to the Corona and Robusto featured, Jose Girbes also produces a Lonsdale and a Churchill.
Immediately note a shining, EMS, medium shade, oily wrapper in this well constructed cigar. Note a very pleasant, full and rich aroma before lighting this cigar. Villar y Villar’s Laguitos offered an even, firm, near-perfect draw and a nice white ash. It reminded us of a superb Estate Dominican we rated earlier. We found the flavor to be on the fuller side and consisting of some spicy orange peel tones. More of the orange, spicy and some woody notes in the finish. Try any of the Villar y Villar cigars with a single malt scotch, an amber ale, a pinot noir or merlot.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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