Sinatra Belicoso

Sinatra Belicoso

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6 x 50


Dominican Republic



When asked to produce a cigar bearing the Sinatra name, boutique cigar manufacturer Filipe Gregorio was both very pleased and quite honored. "I realized it represented a challenge to produce a cigar so outstanding that it could live up to the Sinatra name". We think Filipe has done just that. The Sinatra brand is rolled with a combination of superbly aged Cuban seed Dominican binders and fillers and encased in a pristine Connecticut shade wrapper. Aesthetically, a very handsome cigar. There were no soft spots in the samples reviewed and each cigar was filled with just the right amount of tobacco, offering a cool and even burn as well as an easy draw. You have to take a minute to appreciate this gorgeous wrapper before you light up the Sinatra Belicoso. Very clean and a gorgeous color. We found the aroma very pleasing, offering traces of spiciness. The Sinatra Belicoso is mild-to-medium-bodied and offers a straightforward creamy, but slightly spicy blend. Overall, a creamy, rich, flavorful, mild smoke. Perfect with a light dessert. Try pairing it with your favorite Merlot or pale ale.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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