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Spring Sale 2024!
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You want a juicy story? We’ve got one for ya! This is what we refer to in the industry as "a sweet deal"! Here's the story: the same company that made Hamilton's Reserve by George Hamilton created this cigar for Frank Sinatra. About 5 years ago, the company cut a licensing deal with the Sinatra estate, and then hired Felipe Gregorio to make the cigars. The licensing arrangement required $30 (30 bucks!) to be paid to the Sinatra family on the sale of every single box, and they told Felipe to make them a cigar that would retail for over $15 per stick. Needless to say, these poor guys lost their shirts on this one when the "boom" ended and we were able to secure them for the club at a great price relative to what they were selling at this time last year! When asked to produce a cigar bearing the Sinatra name, boutique cigar manufacturer Filipe Gregorio was both very pleased and quite honored. "I realized it represented a challenge to produce a cigar so outstanding that it could live up to the Sinatra name", stated Gregorio. And we think he’s done just that. The Sinatra Limited Edition line is manufactured by combining superbly aged Dominican and Cuban seed tobaccos with a superior Connecticut wrapper tobacco. "It’s made entirely by hand in my Dominican Republic factory. The Sinatra Limited Edition cigar contains the subtle flavors and rich aromas of an exceptional cigar.
Aesthetically, look for a damn good looking cigar! We found no soft spots in the samples reviewed and each will filled with just the right amount of tobacco offering an even and cool burn and easy draw. What a beautiful wrapper. Very clean and a gorgeous color. We found the aroma very pleasing, offering traces of spiciness. The Sinatra Churchill is mild-to-medium-bodied and offers a straightforward creamy, slightly spicy blend we found very appealing. Overall, a creamy, rich, flavorful mild smoke. Perfect with a light dessert. Try pairing it with your favorite Merlot or a hoppy pale ale.
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