Signature Collection Vintage 2005 Maduro

Signature Collection Vintage 2005 Maduro

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Originally made under Perdomo, Signature Collection Vintage 2005 is a brand new blend by the legendary Nestor Plasencia who is the maker of cigars such as Rocky Patel Decade and Alec Bradley MAXX to name a few. Starting with Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers and a Nicaraguan binder, it is then cloaked with a seven-year-old ultra rich and super dark Costa Rican wrapper. The result? A beautiful, rich, and complex bouquet of flavors that include notes of chocolate, pepper, oak and caramel that ends with a distinctively creamy finish. It’s the perfect after dinner cigar to enjoy with a rich cabernet.
The Nicaraguan cigar industry originated when Cuban cigar makers escaped the revolution and re-established their livelihood in Nicaragua with Cuban-seed tobacco. Blessed with dark, rich soil, their new home was ideal for tobacco cultivation and Nicaragua quickly became known for cigars that rivaled Cuban quality. Unfortunately, revolution and war came to Nicaragua in the 1980s and devastated the industry, but it’s rebounded dramatically and is once again producing tobacco considered by many to be the finest in the world. The Esteli Valley is in many ways the heart of Nicaraguan production and is known for its very powerful and spicy tobacco. The Jalapa Valley produces arguably the finest tobacco in the country: somewhat sweeter and less intense than Esteli, but extremely complex. The tobacco of the Condega Valley is often described as a blend of the other two regions.
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