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Santa Damiana H-2000

Santa Damiana H-2000

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7 x 52


Dominican Republic



We list this cigar as coming from the Dominican Republic, and while it is produced there at Tabacalera de Garcia in La Ramadan, its blend of Nicaraguan binders and a complex long leaf blend of Dominican, Brazilian and Nicaraguan tobaccos, all draped in a soft Nicaraguan Habana 2000 wrapper, make for a truly multinational cigar. The wrapper, appearing on a very limited number of the world's cigars, has characteristics of both Connecticut shade leaves and Cuban-seed tobacco and contributes to the unique flavor of this cigar. It recently received a rating of 92' by Cigar Aficionado's Insiderone of the highest ever ratings for a non-Cuban brand. The Nicaraguan H-2000 wrapper helps add a robust punch to this particular Santa Damiana, usually regarded as a mild brand. An additional spiciness is imparted by the Brazilian tobaccos, culminating in a cigar that is full-flavored, yet mild-to-medium-bodied. Look for notes of leather and cinnamon that beautifully balance one another amidst an elaborate interplay between varied tobaccos; never competing with one another, these tobaccos instead marry together flawlessly. We break from tradition here and suggest that you try this cigar straight up with Cruzan Pineapple Rum for a surprisingly pleasant combination.
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