Saint Luis Rey

Saint Luis Rey

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Introduced at Le Cigar Noir in California back on May 1st, 1996, this Honduran version of an old Cuban brand was an immediate hit with everyone who tried it. Full-bodied, but smooth on the draw, these smokes blend plenty of flavor with a slow-burning cadre of Honduran-grown, Cuban-seed tobaccos for a relaxing smoke. Handmade in Danli, Honduras, the line is truly one of the finer Honduran products on the market. Living up to its reputation as a rich and satisfying cigar, the Saint Luis Rey Churchill scored an excellent 91 rating from Cigar Aficionado. Our panel loved this full bodied smoke as much as CA, rating 3 of the 5 sizes at either a 90 or 91. In addition to the Churchill you’ll get a chance to try this month, Saint Luis Rey is available in a double corona, Lonsdale, toro and torpedo. It’s expertly crafted and packed with flavor. You’re gonna love it!
Note a smooth oily wrapper and an aesthetically pleasing cigar in general. We found the construction superb. Evenly packed, no soft spots, a smooth cap, easy draw and a slow burn. Look for a flavor packed smoking experience including pronounced cocoa beans and roasted hazelnuts. You’ll also get some spicy character throughout this smoke. It’s a bit earthy too. Safe to say, there’s a lot going on here. We found this medium to full bodied cigar to offer a leathery finish. We smoked it to the nub! Overall, a great cigar. Tons of full flavor and great construction. Try smoking it with a peaty single malt scotch.
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