Room 101 Serie HN '808'

Room 101 Serie HN '808'

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Somewhat new to the boutique cigar scene, Room 101 cigars may have a unusual name but the cigars are 100% legit. If you’re still not convinced on the quality of these handmades, they are made by one of the best boutique manufacturers on the market today, Camacho. Actually, Room 101 Cigars was started by a chance meeting at an after party in Las Vegas by Room 101 lifestyle founder Matt Booth and Camacho’s Christian Eiroa, and the duo have been working on this project ever since.

Limited edition cigars are nothing new to Room 101. In fact, they typically release one every year. The handmade you have in your shipment is the follow up to the wildly successful San Andres and is extremely limited with only 20,000 cigars made of each size. Hailing from Honduras, this one-of-a-kind stogie features filler tobaccos from Honduras and the Navarette region of the Dominican Republic, from which we get the H and the N. Securing that unique blend is a Mata Fina binder from Brazil and a Honduran Criollo ’98 wrapper. Highly complex, this medium to full bodied cigar has nuances of nuts, coffee, and pepper with an overall creamy sweetness. Enjoy this behemoth handmade with a tequila.

Honduras has been a tobacco growing and cigar manufacturing area for hundreds of years, but it was the Communist revolution in Cuba that really put Honduras on the map. In the 1960s, many Cuban cigar makers fled their homeland and arrived in Honduras to re-establish their way of life. The immigrants took advantage of the climate, soil, and geography, which were well-suited to tobacco growing, and began producing high quality cigars. The center of the Honduran cigar industry is the city of Danli and the nearby Jamastran Valley. The majority of the world’s pure Corojo tobacco is grown here, now that Cuba has stopped production of this iconic, spicy, and rich variety in favor of Corojo hybrids. Other important areas of Honduran cigar production include the Talanga Valley, Copan, and Trojes.

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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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