Romeo y Julieta Bully

Romeo y Julieta Bully

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5 x 50


Dominican Republic



You’ve no doubt heard of the Romeo y Julieta line of cigars—they’re one of the most sought after cigars in the country. Hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic with that country’s best 100% long fillers and binders, the RyJ Bully we’ve sent you would be considered a puro were it not for the rare wrapper—Indonesian TBN (TBN is an abbreviation for tabaco bawah naungan, which translates to “tobacco under sheet,” or shade-grown tobacco). This particular line is a modern re-creation of the original Cuban brand. We found that it burned with a characteristic white ash—stiff and solid—not surprising when you realize how densely packed with tobacco this cigar is. Its smooth, mellow taste is presented with a medium body and possesses a strong herbal quality, with prominent notes of aromatic cedar. Providing a complex blend of flavors, this cigar is for the experienced smoker with a sophisticated palate. Note the woody finish and strongly herbal, almost mentholated flavors and a minor note of lemon essence in the very pleasant aftertaste. Our panel members couldn’t put this one down, smoking it to the nub and practically burning their fingers as they smoked it for all it was worth. Don’t laugh at us, but some panel members suggested substituting their morning coffee with a cup of Earl Grey tea along with this smoke. Others suggested a smooth, floral sake as an alcoholic counterpart.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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