Rocky Patel Connecticut

Rocky Patel Connecticut

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Rocky Patel has the Midas touch-any blend he releases is as good as gold. Over the years, his blends have tended toward the fuller-bodied & highly complex, but his Connecticut line was produced as an intentional counterpoint, providing an easy going, milder blend. A handcrafted mélange of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos hand rolled in Danli, Honduras, the long leaf fillers ensconced beneath a Connecticut-shade wrapper deliver a consistent flavor profile that holds solidly from the moment you light it right on down to the nub. Look for subtle notes of cedar and a touch of leather in this mild-to-medium-bodied cigar. Above all, what you get here is simply the clean, crisp simplicity of top notch premium tobacco. If you're a fan of the milder cigars, this just might become your new favorite. Even if you prefer bigger-bodied smokes, this cigar provides enough character to perhaps recast your attention toward the milder side. Our panel enjoyed this with the recently reformulated hoppy IPA known as 'Hops Infusion' made by the Weyerbacher Brewing Company. The marriage of flavors couldn't have been more perfect - we highly recommend this specific pairing, though other American-style IPAs with hops-a-plenty will work well.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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