Puros Indios Special P Piramide (aged)

Puros Indios Special P Piramide (aged)

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Ask any tobacconist and they’ll tell you that finding a well made Piramide with a good draw is quite rare; the Puros Indios we’ve sent you is among the rarest. This cigar is extremely difficult to make because the filler leaves must be deftly rolled to avoid constricting the draw at the head– you can be certain that this Piramide was made by the most experienced rollers in Honduras. Puros Indios are handmade with Cuba-seed filler and a sultry cuadorian maduro wrapper that’s been naturally fermented. They’re considered very rare because they include a maverick’s blend of Brazilian, Dominican and Jamaican leaves that has undergone a very protracted period of aging. Rolled in 1998, the Special-Aged Piramides are mellowed by time; the additional 6 years of aging has a taming effect on the otherwise very intense tobacco tastes. Immediately note the tremendous burning area, contrasted by a very manageable head – the very reason for the evolution of this shape of cigar. We found perfection in the draw – full of complex flavors amidst an exquisitely tempered blend of tobacco. Look for notes of mild roasted coffee with minor cocoa highlights and expect a gargantuan ash that you’ll have to fight to knock off, even at a full inch. Don’t be fooled by the mellow nature of this cigar, the intensity builds and just might sneak up on you. This is quite simply, a marvelous premium smoke, and one you won't soon forget. Consider pairing with a hoppy India Pale Ale or your preferred full-bodied bourbon.
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