Pimp Stick By Drew Estate

Pimp Stick By Drew Estate

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The boys at Drew Estate have caused quite a stir in the cigar industry in the last few years. With the release of a multitude of unique brands, they're quickly becoming known for producing high quality, premium smokes that come with shapes and names as unusual and creative as the blends themselves! How could we resist a smoke brave enough to call itself…The Pimp Stick! The name may be funny, but this smoke was rolled by someone that takes their craft quite seriously. We loved the soft, oily wrapper and found the Pimp Stick to offer an incredibly distinct, pleasant aroma and flavor. It's blended with a number of varied Dutch tobaccos, long fill from the black soil of Esteli, Nicaragua, and Drew Estate seals the deal with a gorgeous Cameroon wrapper. The Pimp Stick is an exotic and complex blend of tobaccos and flavors. Look for an incredibly rich, smooth smoke that bursts with a big bouquet of flavors. Perfect with a hoppy India Pale Ale or if you're feeling bold, a glass of peppermint schnapps on the rocks!
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