Petrus Antionius

Petrus Antionius

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You're going to love this Petrus Antionius Torpedo! This appealing Natural shade cigar is a contrast to the dark maduros we've sent you this month, but every bit as enjoyable. The first thing you should notice about this smoke is the weightdespite the smaller stature of this torpedo, it's rather heavya result of being absolutely packed with long filler tobacco leaves. As a consequence, this is a slow steady burner and will give you ample smoking time to experience the full range of its flavors. It starts off with a straight-forward peppery flavor we found simple and smooth. On the back half of the burn however, this heavyweight develops additional flavors and a more complex finish. Notice how the aftertaste begins peppery, moves more toward a smooth creamy finish, and finally ends with a bitter bite that jumps across the tongue. Look for an even burn throughout the smoke, yielding a solid, gray-tan conical ash. This is a solid smoke that starts deceptively simple but takes on new life with every draw. Enjoy it with your favorite single malt Scotch.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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