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Perdomo Reserve X Rosado

Perdomo Reserve X Rosado

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This month we’re breaking tradition. In over five years of operation, we’ve never featured two brands from the same manufacturer in the same month. And to take such a deviation from the standard format, you’d think we must have a damn good reason. We do. In fact, we’ve got 5 exceptional reasons and we think that after smoking this month’s featured cigars, you’ll agree with us that it was a Great decision! Our panel unanimously rated the Perdomo Reserve cigars with the highest average ratings of any brand they’ve evaluated to date, rating the Perdomo Reserve X a 98, a score previously not awarded. They also found the Perdomo’s sister line, the Cuban Bullet, to be an exceptional collection of cigars, rating each from 89-91. Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar Insider apparently agreed as their vertical rating of the entire line of Perdomo Reserve cigars came in at an average rating of 90.4 which was tied with only one other brand for the highest average vertical rating in their history. The other brand was none other than Arturo Fuentes’ Opus X, which generally retail in the $20 to $60 per cigar price range. CA rated the Perdomo Reserve X a 92 and three others in the line at 91. Suffice to say, you’re in for a real treat this month. The Perdomo Reserve line, an extension of the cornerstone La Tradicion Cabinet Series brand, is a limited collection of antique, 50's style handmade Cuban cigars. The special, highly scrutinized blend is double-aged Cuban-seed tobaccos that are specially commissioned to a private tobacco farm in the highly fertile Esteli region of Nicaragua Productions of the cigar is limited to only the most experienced rollers all grade seven tabaqueros that work in specially-assigned quarters at Nick's factory in Esteli. Señor Perdomo, Sr. Himself has selected and handpicked each dark, oily Ecuadorian wrapper that tenderly graces the cigar's exterior. "When you put your name on a cigar, it's got to be perfect." So said Nick Perdomo Jr., owner of Miami-based Nick's Cigar Co., about the line. A mixed bag of figurados (shaped cigars) and parejos (straight-sided smokes), the full-bodied, box-pressed cigars are blended with Nicaraguan filler and binder and four-year-old Ecuadorian wrapper. They come in five sizes: a torpedo ("X"), two closed-foot perfectos (No. 2 and No. 3), an open-foot perfecto (No. 1) and a 9 1/4-inch "A". All five sizes are box-pressed in the tradition of pre-embargo Cuba and are carefully packaged in cedar boxes of 25. The red Rosado wrappers, which Perdomo reports some consumers find reminiscent of cigars produced in Cuba decades ago, are harvested from very near the tops of tobacco plants grown in Ecuador. These are leaves which get more sun and which contain a relatively high content of sugar and starch, thus imparting an oily sheen to he surface of the cigar and a flavorful, even born to the smoking experience. The line was later extended again to include 4-yr. Aged Ecuadorian maduro wrappers as well. "My father and I had been thinking about this Perdomo Reserve concept since 1996," said Perdomo. "We wanted a full-bodied cigar, like the Cubans from the old days." The filler and binder leaves were selected from four Nicaraguan farms, said Perdomo, who believes that Nicaragua's rich, grainy soil closely mirrors that of the famed Pinar del Rio region of Cuba. We're going to make a limited amount [about 350,000 to 400,000 per year] of the Perdomo Reserves because the selection process is expensive and time consuming," Perdomo said. "But the result is the closest smoke I've tasted to a Cuban cigar." We absolutely know that you’re gonna just love this month’s featured cigars. We’ve never been able to send out 4 shaped cigars in one shipment primarily due to the cost, but managed to work out a deal with Nick that ultimately is sure to please! For more information about the Perdomo Reserve or Cuban Bullet lines, visit their web site at http://fujipub.com/nicks/ or call them at 888-642-5797.
This is a cigar that sets standards. Immediately note the exquisite presentation of this beautiful box pressed torpedo. It truly is a work of art to be appreciated before, during and after actually smoking it. We found the wrapper to be very appealing, dark, oily and inviting. Note an even burn and effortless draw. These cigars are packed with flavor! We found it to be rich and full, slightly sweet with hints of cocoa and a round floral character. Also note a definite spiciness and long earthy finish. Overall, unquestionably the best cigar we’ve rated to date. Stock up on these smokes as they’ll only improve with age. Consider pairing it with a high-end tawny port or Single Malt Scotch.
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