Perdomo Reserve Oscuro

Perdomo Reserve Oscuro

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The Perdomo Reserve, Nick Perdomo’s top of the line brand, received the highest taste rating ever from Cigar Insider, the monthly newsletter of Cigar Aficionado, when it debuted in 1998. Their vertical rating of the entire line of Perdomo Reserve cigars came in at an average rating of 90.4 which was tied with only one other brand for the highest average vertical rating in their history. The other brand was none other than Arturo Fuentes’ Opus X, which generally retail in the $20 to $60 per cigar price range! The Perdomo Reserve line is manufactured on a private farm in the highly fertile region of Esteli, Nicaragua. Only the most experienced rollers are allowed to make these babies and Nick Perdomo himself hand selects each and every one of the dark, oily, Ecuadorian Maduro wrappers that grace the cigar's exterior. The special, highly scrutinized blend is composed of double-aged Cuban-seed tobaccos. These box-pressed beauties are aged three times longer than normal to produce an exceptionally rich flavor with hints of spice and chocolate. The smoke emits an earthy, herbal-sweet, spicy aroma. The flavors are balanced, but pack some punch especially after the midway point. Look for a bold, plentiful, smoky charcoal aroma that’s concentrated but not overpowering. One panel member said, “A perfect balance of complex and simple.” If that makes sense to you, then please explain it to us. This gem is worthy of your best single malt scotch or single barrel bourbon.
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