Perdomo Cantero

Perdomo Cantero

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You may have heard the term Puro before and wondered, “what exactly does that mean?” Well, here’s the answer: a puro is a cigar whose tobaccos (wrapper, binder and filler) all come from the same country. You’ll notice that most cigars have a multi-national blend of tobaccos comprising their anatomy. This is usually due to the fact that some nations have specialized in one or another portion of the cigar. Connecticut shade wrappers, for example, are a specialty of the USA. Often this leaf ensconces a blend of filler and binder from Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, or some combination of the three (or perhaps from other countries). But a puro takes all its leaves from the same country, and those cigar makes who produce a puro take great pride in showcasing this type of cigar. The Perdomo Cantero is a 100% Nicaraguan cigar that is normally only available to those lucky enough to participate in the on site Tabacalera Perdomo factory tour, but we managed to pull some strings to hook some up for our members. Medium-to-full-bodied, Cantero is a wonderful handmade with a rich blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos cultivated from the unspoiled black soils of Perdomo’s family farm in Esteli. The densely packed specimen we have here is finished with a caramel-hued Cuban Café leaf from the lush fields of the Jalapa Valley. Expect bold, robust flavors showcasing mild sweetness amidst the underlying peppery spice finish. Overall, a very flavorful, highly complex cigar that’s complemented by dark rum or Añejo Tequila.
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