Partagas Sabroso

Partagas Sabroso

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5 7/8 x 44


Dominican Republic



Before Castro took power in Cuba, Partagas cigars were made in Havana under the direction of Ramon Cifuentes and his father before him. Leaving Cuba after Castro took over; Cifuentes moved to Santiago, Dominican Republic and continued to make Partagas cigars. This Dominican version of a famous Cuban brand features spicy Cameroon wrappers and a blend of Dominican and Mexican tobaccos for the filler. The binder leaves come from the San Andres Valley in Mexico. Look for excellent construction, as you would expect from Partagas. A good looking cigar with a dark rough feel. We found it to be precisely rolled with a full load of tobacco. The flavor is full and rich and unquestionably aged properly. It may start mild, but quickly picks up steam and builds to a full-bodied, spicy smoke. Look for a more spiciness and a trace of burnt cedar in the aftertaste. Overall, we were impressed with its strength and complex flavor. Try pairing it with an Oban Scotch or your favorite Czechoslovakian Pilsner.
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