OneOff Perfecto

OneOff Perfecto

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5.0 x 54


Dominican Republic



Baby boomers have waited a long time for the first commercially produced cigar made with leaves grown without chemical fertilization and insecticides. One look at the ring on this stick and they're going to wax nostalgic. There's no writing on it, no decoration, just the peace sign, the forked symbol that was an icon of the 60's counterculture. That a cigar from Nicaragua adopts the symbol speaks to an enduring legacy of Flower Children—the organic. Move over, Alice Waters, guru of organic veggies, "natural" is not just for lettuce anymore! Organic tobacco has arrived in the guise of OneOff and it makes for a deliciously complex and unique taste. Pesticide use has increased 50-fold since 1950 so it's unlikely there's been a smoke like this for the past sixty years. The absence of chemicals leads to a deeper, crisper tobacco flavor that has been enjoyed by very few for hundreds of years—until now. Cloaked by a dark, leathery Cuban-seed wrapper from Honduras, the cigar holds a hearty long-leaf blend of ligero grown in the fertile soils of Nicaragua. Light this medium-bodied cigar and experience a rush of flavors—cherry with leathery and spicy notes—followed by more subtle ones, black pepper and cinnamon. OneOff has received several well-deserved '90' ratings and our panel concurs this is a great top-shelf smoke. Break out that pricey Oregon pinot noir you've been saving to complement this baby.
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