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Spring Sale 2024!
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Oliveros Gran Reserva Maestro

Oliveros Gran Reserva Maestro

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6.25 x 50


Dominican Republic



Oliveros Perez, originally from Spain and founder of Oliveros Cigars, began his cigar-manufacturing career in Cuba in 1927. In 1962, Oliveros left Cuba after the communist takeover of the nation. He left behind his dreams and the country he called his second home, but he took with him selected premium tobacco seeds from his own crop to continue his work. Those seeds were planted in the Dominican Republic and cared for with the same determination and skill that characterized his personality. His work was recognized the world over and he was invited to join the Institute del Tobacco to instruct others in the process of "piloto cubano", the germination and development of Cuban tobacco seeds. Oliveros' legacy demands that tobaccos be selected and aged with care before the expert torcedors perform their mastery and create this premium cigar. A well-constructed Torpedo that is mild to medium bodied, this is a very woody cigar with some toasty notes on the palate. As we smoked this cigar the flavors of coffee bean and nut came out, making it perfect to smoke after dinner. It is easily apparent why the major cigar magazines have all raved about this one.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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