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Father's Day Sale!
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Natural by Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo

Natural by Drew Estate Dirt Torpedo

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The Natural line by Drew Estate was introduced at the turn of the millennium and offers a truly jaw-dropping array of tobaccos from Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Syria, Turkey, and two places in the United States, Connecticut and Louisiana. Each and every one of those tobaccos is used somewhere in this line's extensive roster. With so many different cigars in the lineup (all rolled by hand in Esteli, Nicaragua) there's simply no way we can offer you one of each, so we're offering one of our favorites. If you like it as much as our panelists did, we encourage you to contact us to order more of the Dirt Torpedo. (Hey, why leave yourself off your holiday gift list?) It's likely we can get you the other shapes and blends, as well (see below for ordering info). If you're able to smoke the entire line, you'll have enjoyed tobaccos from no fewer than eleven countries! The tasty treat featured here sports a dark, espresso-like maduro wrapper leaf from Nicaragua that's rough, yet vein-free. The pre-light aroma will not go unnoticed; it's slightly sweet and hints at a rich, chocolaty smoke waiting. Contrary to its name, Big Dirt doesn't have an earthy taste. Look for notes of smoky sweet mocha blended with firm coffee flavors, all smoothed out by a long-lasting oaken finish. Impressively, the coffee and mocha flavors in these mild-to-medium-bodied cigars are due to Drew Estate's unique fermentation methods, not the result of flavor-infusions (as in their ACID line). Pair it with a robust red Cabernet or Shiraz.
Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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