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Napa Cigars

Napa Cigars

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5.5 x 44



The cigar industry has seen several trends in the past years, some up and some down. The most interesting trend that we see emerging is a new openness about the tobacco blends in cigars. Tobacco companies are beginning to explain the "why" of a cigar's taste. Wine makers have been explaining the differences in their wine for a long time. Ask any wine maker about their wine and be prepared for an endless explanation of the intricacies of the wine making process and why their wine is special. In the cigar trade, we are lucky to get the country of origin of the tobacco. Napa Cigar Company, founded in 1996 by Robert Mondavi, Jr., from the beginning has blended cigars as one would blend wine, to get a specific flavor to bring out the best flavor of the tobacco. Their first cigar brand, the Napa Nicaragua was first sold in November 1996. Made with binder and filler grown near Esteli, Nicaragua, the cigar is finished with a Sumatra grown wrapper. The Napa Dominican followed in December 1996 offering a Dominican filler and binder paired with an Indonesian wrapper. In early 1997, Napa released what you’ll have an opportunity to sample this month, their Canary Islands Reserve. The line’s filler is primarily from the island of La Palma with just a touch of Mata Fina tobacco from Brazil to get the blend just right. The line is encased in a US grown Connecticut shade wrapper and available in the following sizes: Robusto (4.75 x 50), Gran Corona (6.75 x 44), Figurado (6 x 52), Corona (5.75 x 42) and Churchill (7 x 50). The Napa Cigars have been rated highly in both CA (in the mid to upper 80’s) and in Smoke Magazine (highly recommended). Our panel found this the only other product from the Canary Islands, other than La Aurora, that we enjoyed enough to want to share with you. Enjoy!
Immediately note a Colorado Claro Connecticut shade wrapper with a much more rustic look and feel than the Montecristo also featured this month. You note an effortless draw in this mild spicy Spanish treat. We picked up definite woody characteristics and a prominent peppery taste throughout the smoke. It burned evenly and held a nice gray, yet slightly flaky ash. Overall, we liked the spicy pepper character and how it really got our attention as the cigar is fairly mild for the most part. A great smoke for watering the garden on a Saturday morning. Pair it up with a full-roasted Costa Rican coffee blend.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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