Mursuli Robusto

Mursuli Robusto

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The Mursuli Cigar line represents a relatively new cigar produced by an old, established family with over fifty years of experience. Oscar Mursuli, Master Cuban Torcedor (Master Cuban Roller) is a third generation Cuban Tobacco Expert who has been rolling cigars now for just over a half a century. Oscar has rolled in well renowned Cuban factories such as La Corona and Por La Ranaga. Mursuli was at one time a Professor of Master Rollers and having vast experience in the evaluation, selection and production of several well know Cuban brands, his knowledge of tobaccos, tobacco processing and rolling is second to none. Since moving from Cuba to Los Angeles, Oscar Mursuli has been in constant demand by those desiring consultation on how to produce a premium cigar line. Oscar now oversees his factory and currently has a team of Cuban Rollers whose rolling abilities are unsurpassed. Mursuli's longstanding industry relationships allow him to procure the choicest tobacco leaves available. He personally created the blends for each cigar in the line and uses premium tobaccos imported from both the Dominican Republic and Honduras, along with U.S.-grown Connecticut Shade to produce some of the finest cigars available on the market today. Oscar's rollers currently produce 16 shapes and the two our panel enjoyed the most you will have the opportunity to sample yourself. We've been trying to secure a shipment from Mursuli for over a year now and once you try these smokes, we think you'll understand why. You're really in for an extra special treat this month as by pure luck alone, each cigar purchased for our shipment this month was rolled by Oscar Mursuli himself. So enjoy 50 years of experience when you savor these treats. For more information on the Mursuli Cigar line, call them at 888-323-CIGAR or visit their web site at
You're gonna like this one. Immediately note a rustic, dark brown, somewhat rough looking wrapper. It feels substantial in your hand and smells rich and perhaps slightly sweet before you light it. No soft spots in this even, slow burning, expertly crafted cigar. We found the taste to be medium to full, very creamy, slightly sweet, earthy and a bit spicy. Complex to be sure. Finish is long and enjoyable. Overall, a smoke that provides significant depth, complexity, and rich, full flavor. It Delivers! Consider pairing it with a Roasted Porter or a smoky single malt scotch.
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