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Cultivated and owned by the same group responsible for producing the Dunhill, Royal Jamaica and Montecruz brands, MiCubano is a solid Nicaraguan Puro that comes to the table with a full body and tons of big bold flavor. The brand is one of few that can boast of being made entirely of Cuban-seed tobacco. Hand-rolled from Nicaraguan long-filler and binder, it delivers on a rich, uninhibited, full-bodied taste. The dark and oily wrapper provides an exceptionally flavorful smoke with a sweet, fruity character.
Our panel’s comments echoed those printed in SMOKE Magazine: "The Micubano received adamant reviews...A majority of our panel's sentiments spoke of the MiCubano's lively, full-bodied flavor, which a few mistakenly identified as being Cuban in origin. Spices, nuts, chocolate, and cinnamon, with a predominant earthy texture were just some of the favorable flavors this smoke brought to our panelists' palettes, proving the MiCubano is clearly a cigar with a winning blend of tobacco. If you get a batch with a good roll, you've got a damn fine cigar on your hands. Recommended.
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