Mayorga Maduro

Mayorga Maduro

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Handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua, this cigar also impressed Cigar Aficionado with a '90' rating. Rolled with a dark, moist, smooth maduro wrapper and Nicaraguan Ligero & Seca long-filler and Piloto Cubano binder, Mayorga begins with a mild-bodied taste, and builds to a very pleasing medium-bodied flavor. Expertly constructed, it is dense and firm—devoid of soft spots. Not only gorgeous, it’s educational too! This cigar gives us a good opportunity to study wrapper colors; its wrapper color is somewhere between Colorado-maduro (slightly darker than Colorado claro) and maduro. Compare the color with the El Mejor Espresso Torpedo we’ve sent you (if you haven’t reduced it to ash yet)—which is unquestionably maduro in shade (any darker and it would be black, or “oscuro”). Expect unspoiled tobacco flavors that build in complexity and intensity through the smoke, complemented by a slight sweetness on the lips at the start and picking up spicier notes toward the finish. May is the perfect month for Mayorga! As the weather warms, it’s time to get back outdoors. This is a cigar you can enjoy outdoors while golfing or just relaxing in the good ‘ol hammock with a Farmhouse or Saison ale, or perhaps as you’re dusting off the grill for an early -summer picnic (Memorial Day anyone?). Be sure to have the essentials as you kick off the summer, including microbrewed beers to quench your thirst, boutique cheeses for a gourmet-style appetizer, and of course, fresh cut flowers as a table setting. All these and more are available through our various monthly clubs—check out our full range of gourmet and boutique offerings at and let the summer begin!
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