Macanudo Jamaican Duke of Devon

Macanudo Jamaican Duke of Devon

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Well before the Cuban cigar-maker exodus that ensued upon Castro's takeover, there was another, lesser known tobacco cultivator's emigration. Back in 1868, a few Cuban cigar makers had moved to Jamaica with hopes of creating a cigar that would appeal to the distinguished British market. In this environment of entrepreneurial spirit, Macanudo was born. The fine heritage of Cuban cigars, hot Caribbean sun and warm sea breezes fashioned the perfect environment to produce the first of today's top selling US cigar. Due to prohibitive economic conditions that exist today in Jamaica, Macanudo is currently only made in the Dominican Republic. But through some searching and some, well, maybe under-the-table dealings, we procured a stash of Jamaicans-among the last of their kind. We found these special stogies to be marvelously constructed-evinced by their appearance and superb draw. Mellowed from extensive aging, these unimposing cigars still offer a somewhat unexpected robustness. The experience of smoking these Macanudos was wonderfully relaxing, presenting a satisfying flavor profile that was lightly punctuated at times with notes of clove and candy-like sweetness. Expect the taste to be rounded out with a light lingering peppery nip on the tongue. Mild with a distinct creaminess, the Macanudo Jamaican is a versatile smoke great for any time of day and complemented by various indulgences from morning coffee to a full tawny port.
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