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Spring Sale 2024!
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Mac Petite Perfecto

Mac Petite Perfecto

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4 x 43-40



The MAC Cigar line, produced by the Morgan Alexander Cigar Co., is the result of founder Allan Levitt’s true passion for fine tobacco and desire to create a product of uncompromised quality. We think he’s succeeded. Produced in the town of Tamboril, Dominican Republic, the MAC cigar line begins with some of the world’s finest aged tobaccos. Their fillers and binders are blends of tobaccos grown in the Domincan’s Cibao Valley and San Victor Moca. In fact, MAC Cigars are made from the same tobaccos supplied to Tabacos Dominicanos, S.A., makers of Davidoff, Avo and other more widely recognizable premium brands. All MAC cigars are a blend of Cubano Piloto in both Lijero and Seco as well as Olor Dominicano used as the trippa or filler. The capote or binders on all but the MAC Churchill are Dominican and the line’s wrapper is primarily offered in the finest grade Sumatran leaf, however, you will have the opportunity to smoke the only cigar in the line which is rolled with a vintage U.S. Connecticut wrapper. Allan strives to ensure that all the components used in the construction of the MAC Cigar are the finest available on the market today. He takes great pride in the fact that all tobacco used is properly aged and cured, each cigar spends forty-five days on the shelf in the factory in Tamboril before being packed and shipped. We really liked this cigar line. Each cigar sampled was perfectly constructed and packed with flavor. Interestingly, we found two of the smaller sized cigars to be our favorites in the line and know that you’ll enjoy them as well. The Petite Perfecto featured is an extremely difficult and expensive cigar to roll. A pair of seasoned rollers can only produce roughly 200 of them per day relative to the 5-600 that they could roll in most other shapes. For more information about the Morgan Alexander Cigar Co. call 908.604.0388 or email Allan directly at: [email protected].
Do not let the shape and size of this cigar fool you. This is one of the more flavor-packed, complex and fun smokes we’ve had the pleasure of rating. Of all the smokes we’ve tried in the last few month’s, the Baby Mac is certainly one of the more memorable. Note excellent construction in a perfect, open draw in this very rich, mildly spicy, and extremely flavorful cigar. This is a power-packed smoke, not for the timid. We found no greenness in the tobacco. It’s nicely aged and offers a clean, pure tobacco taste. Look for great smoke volume and a pleasant aftertaste. Consider pairing this smoke with a small batch bourbon on cognac.
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