Leyenda Cubana

Leyenda Cubana

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6.5 x 52


Dominican Republic



Leyenda means legend in Spanish, and this cigar was clearly meant to evoke the flavors of those legendary Cubans we’ve all heard so much about (but few of us have actually tasted). Though unlike the majority of full-bodied Cubans, this cigar is quite mellow and particularly easy-going. But don’t confuse mellow with a lack of tasty tobacco flavors; this cigar possesses enough top notch tobacco elements to leave a gentle tingle on the tongue. Each Leyenda cigar is crafted by hand using only Vintage Estate Tobaccos, and is aged for a minimum of six months. Beyond that, we didn’t have much info available to our panel at the time of review. We received samples and an offer to pick up enough to feature in the club, but didn’t know that much beyond Leyenda’s reputation for fine, flavored cigars. So we sought to pick out the flavors that went into this smoke. We noted flavors of coconut and just a hint of rum. So, on top of the fact that this tasty smoke has an excellent, rewarding draw, cool smoke, billowy smoke volume and brightly whitened ash, we thought, let’s try this tasty stogie out with some chilled (refrigerated, not iced) coconut rum and guess what—quite nice indeed.
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