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La Plata Anniversario Dominicana

La Plata Anniversario Dominicana

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6 3/4 x 52



Victor Migenes Sr., arrived in the United States from Puerto Rico in the mid-1940s, landed first in New York City and then moved to Los Angeles. He went to work as a roller for a fellow-Puerto Rican at a Los Angeles company named La Planta. Not too long after Migenes Sr. arrived, La Planta's owner decided he wanted to return to Puerto Rico. According to Victor Migenes, Jr. (Tito), "The guy said to my father, "Do you want this place?" "My dad bought him a ticket back to Puerto Rico, they signed a bunch of papers and that was that. No money passed hands." Except that Migenes Sr. found the company to be $10,000 in debt. "In those days, that was a lot of money. He paid it all off with his hands, making quality cigars." Not long after Victor Migenes Sr. acquired the company, La Planta became La Plata Cigar Co.- The Silver Cigar Co. - as Migenes Sr. sought to establish his own identity in central L.A. Jokes Victor Jr., "He probably changed the name to save money. There's one less letter in La Plata, so he probably saved on printing labels." Migenes Jr., 37, took over La Plata at the improbable age of 23 when his father had a heart attack and retired. The Company was originally a combination of factory, wholesale and retail cigar store located in downtown Los Angeles. Six years ago however, La Plata expanded into cigar production in Honduras, and more recently, purchased their own factory in the Dominican Republic to produce the well-received La Plata Anniversario. All La Plata cigars are hand made with long leaf tobaccos grown in the finest tobacco regions including Ecuador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. They are enclosed in the world's highest grade Mexican and Connecticut shade and broadleaf wrappers. The Honduran lines are manufactured by the Villazon Cigar Co., who not only produce La Plata, but Punch, Excalibur, and El Rey Del Mundo. Created to commemorate La Plata's first 50 years in business and manufactured in the mountainous region just two-and-a-half hours from Santa Domingo, the Anniversario Seleccion Dominicana line consists of all Dominican grown, long leaf tobaccos with a Rosado Dominican wrapper. "It was important to me that if we offered an anniversary cigar, that it be an excellent cigar," Migenes says. "I didn't want to settle for less. It is a Puro and as far as I know, the Fuente Opus X™ and the El Rey de Florez are the only two other Puros from the Dominican." The line has been compared by several objective rating groups as similar in taste to the Fuente Opus X line. Our panel seems to be a good representation of what the general public prefers as they chose La Plata’s three best selling cigars as their favorites. Even better, they are three very distinct smokes, each with it’s own unique character. For more information on the La Plata Cigar line, call them at 888-450-5282 or email them directly at [email protected].
The first thing you’ll notice about this cigar is that is ha a beautiful silky and very appealing Rosado wrapper. It’s a weighty cigar, substantial in your hand, rolled in traditional Cuban style with quite a large amount of tobacco packed into it. Consequently, it smokes slowly. Note a good, firm draw and a very rich taste with plenty of spices evident. The Rosado wrapper seems to offer a slight natural tobacco sweet nutty character. We found the aroma exceptionally appealing. Look for a long finish. Overall, a great smoke, full, rich and satisfying. We’d smoke the next one with a Single Malt Scotch.
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