La Luna Maduro Fuerte

La Luna Maduro Fuerte

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Last year a small brand from Miami was quietly one of the most popular "boutique" brands on the market. Most people hoped that the devoted followers of La Luna Cigars, appropriately called "Lunatics", would continue to keep quiet about these fantastic cigars so that there remained enough to go around. Sorry folks, but the word is now out. Gael de Courtivron, who owns La Luna, doesn't exactly have a long family history in the cigar industry. In fact, there's no history at all. Gael does have twenty years as a professional drummer behind him, though, which means he's good with his hands, making him the perfect candidate to own a cigar company. Not buying the theory, huh? Well, when you smoke this bad boy you'll know that drumming did something for Gael, 'cause these cigars are no joke. What a beautiful cigar! Sometimes there are cigars that you know, just from looking them, are going to put a big ol' smile on your face. This is certainly one of them. A box pressed maduro with a nice oily wrapper (which was a good indication that it was well aged); this is one of those cigars that you only want to pull out on special occasions. Everyone agreed they would smoke 2 or 3 of these a day if our wives would let us.
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