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Father's Day Sale!
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La Estrella Cubana

La Estrella Cubana

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6 x 54


Dominican Republic



La Estrella Cubana is a truly unique cigar. One look and you know you’ve got something very different on your hands. The first thing you are going to notice about this Dominican beauty is the bright red wrapper. This striking color is achieved by a special process whereby all of the chlorophyll is removed by boiling a natural Rosado wrapper. The process also renders the wrapper exceptionally smooth and supple to the touch (go ahead, give it a loving caress—don’t be shy, bond with your cigar). Literally smooth as silk, this medium-bodied belicoso is also a full-flavored blend of only Dominican binder, wrapper, and filler tobaccos. Another distinctive touch to this puro is the manner in which this beautiful wrapper drapes over the foot of the cigar. Some may feel more comfortable trimming both ends of this beauty before smoking, rather than just the head, but if you like, you can just light with shaggy wrapper in place—sort of like lighting a fuse—and wait for the gentle explosion of flavor. Look for a smooth taste all the way through this cigar, with spiciness building as you go. You’ll find that it offers a softly sweet, yet spicy flavor that’s quite enjoyable. Overall, this is a very unique, well constructed cigar that is loaded with flavor, and one that we just love. It’s also a great “gift cigar,” as it carries a certain novelty with its red wrapper, while simultaneously being a solid smoke. Remember, if you ever want to reorder cigars featured in the club, just give us a call at 800.625.8238 and one of our customer service gurus will help get you re-supplied with your favorite featured smokes. If you’re looking for something to drink with your “Star of Cuba” (a.k.a. La Estrella Cubana), try Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey.
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