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Spring Sale 2024!
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La Cuna Bin No. 85 Connecticut Torpedo

La Cuna Bin No. 85 Connecticut Torpedo

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The La Cuna Bin 85 is a creation of master blender AJ Fernandez, maker of such premium lines as Rocky Patel Fusion, Rocky Patel Signature, and Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet. It's the original house blend made at Tabacalera Fernandez, and its quality explains why top cigar makers such as Rocky Patel and Ernesto Padilla are enamored of this factory's premium cigar-making abilities. The concept of the brand is the same as the Cuvee brand: to make fine small-batch cigars, extraordinary blends that might otherwise never see the light of day. When creating blends, cigar makers are usually constrained by the ongoing availability of a given tobacco, which means many potentially exquisite creations never make it to market. If a maker has one or two bales of a fine tobacco—say enough for 15,000 cigars—that's simply not enough material for regular production runs. Factories need consistent, steady, daily production; and most consumers demand that their favorite blends remain consistent year after year. La Cuna flies in the face of that practice by making fine small-batch cigars from different varieties of small-batch tobaccos. Compare La Cuna to a seasonal microbrew or a special vintage wine. Each blend of limited run tobaccos is assigned a unique "bin" number to identify the extraordinary small batch. Batches are made in limited numbers and hail from a variety of top factories. The blessing is that these blends are unique and of high quality; the curse is that when each bin is gone, it is gone forever. Your Bin No. 85 consists of a complex mix of long fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic encased in a creamy Connecticut leaf wrapper. This medium-body cigar has a full flavor that balances perfectly with its core of earthy notes. Look for hints of wood and leather as well. Try it with a coffee liqueur such as Kahlua or Tia Maria.
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