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K. Hansotia Park Avenue Churchill

K. Hansotia Park Avenue Churchill

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You might not be able to say it three times fast, but the name Kaizad Hansotia has rapidly swept through the cigar industry. Known as the master blender behind the Gurkha brand, he's admired for his mastery of fine tobacco blending and creativity in developing attractive packaging for his cigars. Oh, yeah; that and the fact that he makes the most expensive cigar in the world: His Majesty's Reserve. This cigar retails for an astonishing $15,000 per box of 20. Yes, that's right, 15 thousand bucks! That's $750 smackers a stick! The reason it's that expensive? Well, in our opinion, there's no real reason for a cigar to be that expensive; but their rationale is the fact that they infuse an entire bottle of Louis XIII cognac into each batch—apparently the perfect blend of extravagance and perhaps a bit of ego, if not arrogance. But, hey, they make 100 boxes per year and they seem to be able to sell 'em, so why not? Sorry, folks, don't expect to see one here. Most of us ordinary folk don’t mind ponying up big bucks occasionally for a cigar as unique, complex, and well-constructed as a Gurkha Master Select or Gurkha Regent; but we’re bringing you a great cigar from the same maker that you can afford to enjoy daily! The K. Hansotia Park Avenue Churchill is a great smoke without the Ferrari price tag. (Check out our reorder prices.) This is a cigar that in construction and quality compares favorably to cigars costing two or three times as much! (We wouldn’t know how it compares to His Majesty’s Reserve.) Panelists found it to be quite smooth with just a bit of spice on the back of the tongue. Look for gradual and consistent change in both strength and flavor as the Park Avenue continues to burn. (Note the even ash.) The cigar slowly morphs into a full-bodied and spicier version of its former self. The spice is attributable to the Nicaraguan long-fillers that make up the filler in its entirety. The unmistakable smoothness encountered at the start of the smoke is no doubt due to its well-aged Connecticut Shade wrapper. Enjoy this one with a hoppy Pale Ale or robust Porter.
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