K. Hansotia Gold Series

K. Hansotia Gold Series

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You might not be able to say it three times fast, but the name Kaizad Hansotia has rapidly swept through the cigar industry. Known as the master blender behind the tremendous Gurkha brand, he's admired for his mastery of fine tobacco blending and creativity in developing attractive packaging for his cigars. Oh yeah, that and the fact that he makes the most expensive cigar in the world: His Majesty's Reserve. This cigar retails for an astonishing $15,000 per box of 20. Yes, that's right, 15 thousand bucks! That's $750 smackers a stick! The reason it's that expensive? Well, there's no real reason for a cigar to be that expensive, in our opinion, but their rationale is their infusion of an entire bottle of Louis XIII cognac in each batch, imparting the perfect blend of extravagance, and perhaps a bit of good old fashioned arrogance. But hey, they make 100 boxes per year, and they seem to be able to sell 'em, so why not? Sorry folks, but don't expect to see one here. If that doesn't impress you, in November they announced that this cigar is set to become the world's 2nd most expensive cigar, to be supplanted by Gurkha Black Dragon. Housed in an antique camel-bone humidor from Northern India, made with a Connecticut maduro wrapper from a vintage 1990 crop, a 15-year-old Cameroon binder, and a 12-year-old Dominican filler, a box of 100 is priced at $115,000. Only 500 cigars passed the final inspection, and those 500 were then aged for 10 years to give them a smooth, slightly spicy flavor. $1150 a stick is a bit out of our price range. The K. Hansotia Gold Series toro is plenty tasty for us! There are no more of these being madeā€”our distributor's supply is all there is. Made with a unique fermentation process in which the tobacco is dried and then delicately re-humidified, this cigar has true aged flavor yet maintains a heavy, strong, bold flavor, bursting with peppery, complex notes, offset by a nice sweetness and rounded out by a dry finish. Nicely paired with your favorite cognac or Barleywine-style ale.
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