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Indian Tabac

Indian Tabac

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Success in today's hype-saturated premium cigar market goes beyond selling a few boxes. Short-term prosperity is all around us, riding on the tails of a solidifying trend. But how does a young company become known, not as a trend follower, but as a standard-bearer--a maker of truly fine cigars? Owners of the Indian Tabac Cigar Company, Rocky Patel and Phil Zanghi have obviously given these questions great consideration. In an astonishingly short period of time, Indian cigars have gained great cachet in the premium market and show no signs of fading from view anytime soon. Indian Tabac is one of the hottest and genuinely fine cigar brands to emerge on the cigar scene in the past five years. Enjoying high accolades and praise unanimously from the cigar critics at Cigar Aficionado, SMOKE magazine and elsewhere, Indian Tabac offers a characteristically strong, full-bodied and powerhouse smoke across the board. The Habano Blend '95 line is no exception - a full-bodied stick with a an aromatic and rich flavor, it is rolled with a Nicaraguan Habano binder, Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper and unique combination of Nicaraguan, Costa Rican and Honduran leaves. For more information on the Indian Tabac Cigar Co., call them at 888-766-5387 visit their web site at: www.indiantabac.com. or email them directly at [email protected].
Immediately note an aesthetically pleasing and inviting medium-brown, slightly reddish wrapper in this well constructed cigar. It has a nice feel in your hand, firm, but not too tight. We found it to offer a flawless draw and an even burn. The ash was consistent and firm indicative of proper aging. We picked up definite strong cedar tones in this cool smoking, leathery full-bodied cigar. The aroma was a pleasant, woody, slightly sweet one and we found the aftertaste to be very full and lingering. Overall, a fantastic, complex, very well balanced smoke. Consider pairing it up with either your favorite Single Malt Scotch or Brandy.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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