Horsepower by Nestor Plasencia

Horsepower by Nestor Plasencia

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The boldest of our features this month comes from the guys at Indian Tabac. Their popular Horsepower line capitalizes on the desire of many smokers to have the same cigar in varying degrees of intensity. Horsepower features five different quality long-filler blends, strength-rated in auto-mobile fashion of 150, 250, 350, 450 HP on up to Turbo, the highest caliber in the line which offers a spicy full-bodied blaze of a smoke. Our first impression of this cigar was that it has some power under the hood; very sleek, fine leather interior, er, we mean texture, and a prominent scent of spice coming off of it. The first few draws are smooth yet intense, as the Turbo peels out and accelerates to top speed. Expect flavorful spice to cut and swerve through the other tobaccos flavors–this is the stronger Nicaraguan filler taking the lead as the major player in a rich an intricate blend of tobaccos. We found this cigar offered full, complex tobacco flavor without the abrasive spice that many others of similar strength deliver. The Turbo will stay in the race for the long haul, offering at least an hour of powerfully pleasant smoking satisfaction. While we never encourage drinking and driving, this hotrod should be piloted with an XO Cognac, single malt Scotch or, dare we suggest, a high-octane whiskey on the rocks.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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