Hamilton House DC

Hamilton House DC

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7 x 48


Double Corona

Created by actor George Hamilton, the Hamilton House line is all long fill and hand rolled in the Tabacalera Tamboril factory in the Dominican Republic. Don't make the mistake of dismissing this smoke without trying it just because you've never seen a movie you liked with George in it! Unlike his somewhat less than inspiring performances in such blockbusters as "Love at First Bite" and "8 heads in a duffle bag", George either knows a fair amount about producing a fine cigar or more than likely, simply hired someone who does! In either case, we think you'll really be impressed with the Hamilton House double corona featured this month. Here's a little ditty we took from the inside of the box from George… "In 1865, Luther Rice Hubbard, my great grandfather on my mother's side, a tobacco planter from one of the registered First Families of Virginia, ventured from Virginia through Kentucky, finally to arrive in Brooklyn, New York, on the heels of the great American Civil War. It was clear to Hubbard that if opportunities existed, they lay in the North, where the new captains of industry were located. Foreseeing that tobacco could be his future, and undaunted by time, distance or cost, he founded the Hubbard Rehandling Tobacco Company and brokered the only crops that had remained unscorched by the armies. With the pseudonym, "Brooks of Brooklyn," he traveled tirelessly on a quest to create the premium cigar. Successful, soon his cigars were being given as prized gifts by the victors to the vanquished - from hospitalized soldiers to returning generals. Over 130 years later we are pleased to continue his commitment to quality…uncompromised by price, geography or the high level of skill that represents this fine cigar."
You'll start by taking note of a rustic, rich Sumatran wrapper that looks full and tasty. This is a well made cigar. We found no soft spots on the samples reviewed and a consistently medium draw and fairly slow, even burn. The abundant, balance flavor in the Hamilton House blend added up to real satisfaction. It's robust, spicy and quite complex. Certainly on the medium to full side of body. We noted a slight woodiness as well. The finish is long and full and a bit earthy. Overall, an authoritative, but not overwhelming and very satisfying smoke. You can enjoy its restrained power without enduring any rough edges. We'd recommend pairing it with a malty Bock or Red Ale.
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