Gurkha CT Robusto

Gurkha CT Robusto

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For your July smoking pleasure, we’re pleased to bring you Gurkha, one of the premier boutique brands in the marketplace today. Vastly outnumbered by literally millions of cigars put out by big national brands, Gurkha’s limited-edition cigars are to be savored. The manufacturer’s strength lies in making the most of their small, boutique-brand maneuverability to produce cigar blends that epitomize the craft that is cigar making and remind us why we love our stogies. All elements of their cigars speak to true craftsmanship from growing, harvesting and fermenting the tobacco, to creating the intricate leafy blends, to rolling each cigar by hand, and of course, to packaging. With their old Cuban-style packaging and intricate label designs, Gurkhas are instantly recognizable. They also have a characteristic flavor that’s hard to pin down which is another characteristic of a truly artisan cigar. Just six inches long, with a ring gauge of 50, this mild-to-medium bodied stick is not technically a Robusto, it’s a Toro. Look for a smooth, nutty smoke intermingled with woody, almost floral-like notes. If beer is your thing, a nut brown ale will complement this cigar. If wine is your preference, International Wine of the Month Club members have the perfect pairing in Borra’s Fusion (a blend of favored red grapes). Other soft reds will work nicely, too!
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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