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Spring Sale 2024!
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Fire Double

Fire Double

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Indian Tabac's Fire offers a rare concoction of triple-fermented tobaccos and boasts an impressive flavor profile. "What's so special about triple-fermentation" you ask? Well, aside from creating lusciously smooth tobaccos that retain their intensity, it's the fact that ALL the tobaccos in this cigar—filler, binder and wrapper—have been fermented three times. Typically, in cigars that use triple-fermented tobaccos, it's only the wrapper that goes through this process. The combination of dark, sultry tobaccos yields a full-bodied, Cuban-esque impression on the palate, featuring stimulating flavor and a slightly sweet character. Combining Indian Tabac's attention to detail and Nestor Plasencia's cigar making prowess, this is one fire that you won't ever want to put out! That's why we've sent you a big fat Churchill to keep you smoking through the night. Immediately note the dark wrapper and flawless construction. While it packs a punch with its hefty, full-bodied tobacco flavors, they're softened with nutty (almond) notes, a touch of leathery suppleness and an interestingly herbal, lemony-cedar accent. Expect a robust spiciness to linger through the long-lasting finish. Enjoy with a full-bodied XO cognac or a hearty Barley Wine Ale.
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Outstanding Values On Top-Rated Cigars

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