Felipe Gregorio Glorioso

Felipe Gregorio Glorioso

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The Felipe Gregorio line of cigars has come a long way since its rocky beginnings. The owner of this line, Philip Wynne, was born and raised in Switzerland and is the son of an American Foreign Service officer. Because he grew up in an area where Cuban cigars were legal, when he decided to get into the cigar business, he wanted to produce cigars similar to the many Cuban brands he grew up with…strong. At that time, Americans weren't used to strong cigars and so his first brand, Petrus, did not sell well in the States, but did do well in Europe and the Middle East. Wynne then decided it would be better to introduce a line of cigars that weren't quite so full bodied and that's when he saw his US sales take off! He now sells nearly 10 million cigars in the United States and there's a reason for it. They're damn fine smokes. The Presidente featured this month is a true Honduran puro; the wrapper, the filler, and the binder are all from Honduras. We found it medium to full bodied, starting with a slight woody flavor, hints of coffee bean and toasty flavors. Look for stronger, spicier notes around mid-smoke. And consider pairing it up with a full-bodied merlot or cabernet sauvignon.
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