Evelio by Nestor Plasencia

Evelio by Nestor Plasencia

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Evelio Oviedo, the master roller of the new super-premium Honduran puro, he comes from a Cuban cigar making family. He gained his experience while working for 23 years at the H. Upmann factory in Havana. After opening a factory in Brazil, with the Mendez organization, at San Gonzales Dos Campos, he moved to Miami with the intent of permanent retirement. Nestor Plasencia, however, had other plans for Evelio. While experiencing some mysterious production problems with one of his brands, he sought the reputed master to come down to Honduras and help solve the problem. While there, Nestor told Evelio of his group's dream to produce cigars with the original Cuban Quality and workmanship. His love for the 'old ways' was inspired, and, with the assurance that he would be given total control over the process to ensure it duplicates the original Cuban-style of cigar making, he agreed to assist with the setup of Nestor's new facilities to produce these exquisite cigars. The extra smooth Connecticut wrapper lends a very pleasant, extremely mild flavor - in fact, this is one of the mildest cigars you can find, but with a creamy texture, pleasant aroma and nice balance.
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