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Spring Sale 2024!
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Est. 1844 by Camacho

Est. 1844 by Camacho

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The Established 1844 Churchill we’ve selected for you is one of those smokes that took us by surprise. Having a look at the label, we thought—who makes this and why isn’t their name on it? Are they not proud enough of this cigar? In fact, of the many samples we have at our disposal for review, we actually skipped over these guys for a few months. It wasn’t until we heard from one of our panel members who came in and recognized this as a brand he knew and loved that we found out for ourselves how consistent, flavorful, and well-made this cigar is. We knew it looked good, with its beautifully soft, supple maduro wrapper—that’s a rich Habano-seed leaf don’t cha know. But the kicker is that sample after sample, they smoked like a dream too! We found out that this one is made by Camacho—and with a repertoire like Camacho Corojo, SLR and Baccarat, the folks at Camacho certainly know a thing or two about making good cigars. The Eiroa family in Honduras should certainly be proud of this light-to-medium-bodied smoke that is crafted of slightly spicy Nicaraguan and Honduran long-leaf tobaccos. A great cigar to complement your Pale Ale of choice.
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