El Rey De Florez Presidente Double

El Rey De Florez Presidente Double

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7 1/2 x 50



The Flores family has a longstanding tradition of cigar making. Founder/Patriarch Carlos Flores learned the art of cigar rolling on his family’s tobacco plantation in Cuba nearly 50 years ago. Although the political upheavals of the early 1960s sent the Flores Family fleeing from Cuba into what came to be called "Little Havana" in Miami Florida, the passion for crafting fine cigars was already well instilled in Señor Flores. Largely accustomed to hand rolling cigars among the curing tobacco leaves of the Vuelta Abajo, he now found himself fashioned them in a somewhat more humbling environment, that of his kitchen table in Miami. It didn’t take long for local discerning smokers to notice the superior quality of Carlos’ cigars and he was soon persuaded to give the line a name and produce them on a larger scale in Miami, giving them the name of "Flor De Florez". The Flores family now produces several lines of cigars in the Dominican Republic including the Flor De Florez Cabinet Series, a Nicaraguan-grown Cuban seed blend, The Flor De Florez Miami blend, a combination of Nicaraguan and Dominican Tobaccos still produced in Florida and their prized Dominican puro blend, El Rey De Florez which we have featured this month. The El Rey De Florez line is handmade in the Tamboril, Dominican Republic and has been consistently rated highly in numerous publications. Smoke magazine "Highly Recommended" the line in two separate ratings and our panel enjoyed these flavor packed Dominicans as well. In additional to the three sizes that our panel liked the best that you’ll be smoking this month, the line offers a lonsdale, long corona, robusto, and three perfectos. For more information about the El Rey De Florez cigar line, visit their web site at www.florez.com or call them at (201)-217-1701.
Immediately note a rustic, ruddy, oily inviting wrapper on this hefty cigar. You’ll find it substantial in the hand, offering a nice slow burn, easy on the draw and able to hold a firm ash. It’s obviously been aged properly. Note a fair amount of chestnut and spice in this medium-to-full-bodied Dominican. It starts slightly sweet and builds to a full flavor quickly. Look for plenty of smoke and a highly appealing aroma. Overall, a cigar worth savoring. Packed with flavor and well constructed. Pair it with your favorite single malt scotch or malty red ale.
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