El Mejor Gran Reserva Churchill

El Mejor Gran Reserva Churchill

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7.0 x 50





Draped in a cedar sleeve and finished with a tight 'shaggy" or unfinished foot in true 'old world' fashion, El Mejor Emerald is aptly named. It truly is a gem. (The unfinished foot is simply a half-inch or so of binder and filler tobaccos protruding past the wrapper.) Composed of Nicaraguan long-fillers and a touch of rich Ligero, it's finished with a lustrous Honduran-grown Corojo wrapper that is oily and slightly toothy. After six months of box-aging—and fresh off the boat from Honduras—this combo delivers rich, oaky flavors that finish with a touch of spice. Note the stick is fee of veins. Touch it—"Look Ma, no soft spots!' Both are good indicators of a quality cigar with solid construction. Note how substantial the El Mejor feels in the hand. Panelists found the El Mejor experience delivered: it was smooth from start to finish and offered a complex and amazing array of flavors. After sparking the shaggy foot, the first few draws were mild and very creamy, offering some flavor but no fireworks. A few more draws and the burn quickly reached the golden Corojo wrapper, which unleashed a torrent of flavor and spice. That such a dramatic change occurred in just a few draws speaks to how the choice of a wrapper leaf can impact a cigar's overall taste. Halfway through, the smoke settled in with a smooth, rich, woody aroma and flavor to match. This medium- to full-bodied cigar will knock your socks off right out of the box, but the El Mejor Emerald has incredible aging potential, so consider using that humidor you purchased. Whether now or later, this gem deserves your finest single malt scotch.
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