Dunhill Romanos

Dunhill Romanos

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The old English company of Alfred Dunhill can claim a long association with fine cigars. It was to Dunhill that the Menedez y Garcia company first took their infant Montecristo brand in 1935. There were house brands like Don Candido and Don Alfredo. The 1980s saw the brief creation of Dunhill's own brand of Hanvanas, sporting a red band bearing the company's elongated "d" logo on sizes like the Cabinetta, and Malecon. Today Dunhill's accolade is reserved for two lines: one from the Dominican Republic - The Aged Cigar - which can be found throughout the United States, Europe, and the Middle East; and the other from the Canary Islands. Our panel favored the Dominican Aged Dunhills and that's what you'll have a chance to sample this month. They're rolled using tobacco from one specific crop only, and as a result they are always consistent and dependable. Not to be confused with the Canary Islands Dunhills or the new Honduran Dunhills, these super-premium smokes are mild-to-medium bodied in flavor. Dunhill is one of the most respected names in the Industry. They produce a cigar that is always well constructed and consistently good. We know you'll enjoy this smoke! There are twelve sizes of Aged Cigars each made from Dominican fillers and wrapped in U.S. Connecticut leaf. Aged for a minimum of three months before they are distributed, these cigars look good dressed with their blue bands and are well made and blended. Uniquely, a vintage is declared for this brand, based on the idea that its tobaccos are taken from a single year's harvest.
Again, another expertly crafted fine looking cigar. Note the lovely, silky smooth Connecticut shade wrapper. Very few veins. It offered an even and slow burn and distinctive, medium to full, but in no way heavy smoke, with a delicate aroma. This is an outstanding mild cigar that will please both experienced palates and those new to smoking. We loved the aroma. Very pleasant. Look for a creamy texture and hint of toastedness coupled with some woody notes. You should get some classic Dominican spiciness in the flavor as well. We found the finish non-lingering, dry and woody. Overall, a solid earthy tobacco taste with a very clean burn. We loved it and you will too! It would pair nicely with the Merlot of your choice.
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